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Running Away


I run away from home with some regularity. Oh, I call it other things. Things like, “researching an article,” or “testing a product,” but the reality is I just wanna get out of Dodge!

The reason for this is two-fold. First, I’m barely domesticated; housebroken, yes, domesticated, no. I love my wife, love my dog, and like my home, but tied to a wooden structure on a dot of land filled with necessary chores has always seemed rather alien to me. Secondly, I’m not the most responsible of adults. Or, rather, I have a limit to the amount of responsibility I want to shoulder, which of course, is contrary to being an upstanding citizen.

So, I run –actually, ride—away from home. Sometimes it’s for a day, sometimes for a couple of weeks. I always return (see wife/dog/home, above) a better man; more domesticated, more responsible. That only lasts so long, though, and soon the familiar itch returns. Oddly enough, it’s the desire to sleep in a tent. Motorcycle camping has a strong appeal for me. The way I figure it, it stretches my domesticity / responsibility capacity just enough more. At home I am surrounded by way too much stuff. Most of it is unnecessary, but I can’t seem to divest myself of this in any meaningful quantity. I think there’s a latent hoarder in me. Camping is just the opposite. I can only have what my Triumph can carry. And while it is a bit of a packhorse, it still restricts me to the basics, with which I get along just fine.

I’m telling you this because the itch is back. It started in earnest about a month ago. I know a trip is in the offing when I go to my camping stuff cabinet and start rummaging around. There’s always a souvenir or two from the last trip, usually in the form of dirt, leaves, and a smell or two. This works to get me all excited about placing two wheels adjacent the white line. Then, I start running mental maps ...just where should I go?

To the consternation of said wife and dog, I’ll shortly be taking two trips, one right after the other. The first will be a week on the playa at Burning Man …I leave next Tuesday, August 27… then a couple of days after returning home from that, I’m leaving for 10 or 12 days on a jaunt through Grand Canyon country. Northern Arizona and southern Utah encompasses some of my favorite riding areas, and the Grand Canyon itself is almost a religious experience for me. I’ve been there numerous times, and had one very memorable trip hiking, and along the Colorado River.

My camping gear is cleaned up, my motorcycle is prepped, and the wife has been mollified (It will take longer for the dog to come around). I’m ready to run away from home …again.


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