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"Ride To Work" Contest Winners

Bobby hwang

"Gilly" and Bobby Hwang starred in the picture show. The helmet prize really should go to "Gilly."


Thanx to all who submitted pictures for our “Ride to Work” photo contest.

When I look at all of them together it’s obvious we have a weird, strange group of riders out there …my kinda people! (And, no, we didn’t post them all)


Misanthropic actor W.C. fields supposedly hated kids and dogs if, for no other reason, they always stole the scene they were in. Some of our contest entrants might feel that way because the winning photo, submitted by Bobby Hwang, featured a cute little scene-stealer by the name of “Gilly.” Bobby and “Gilly” managed to scrape together 91 votes, which was more than enough to beat out Luis Teixeira in second, and Darrin Fox in third.

2nd. Place  Luis Texeira

Luis TeixeiraSmall

3rd. Place  Darrin Fox

Darrin Fox copy

Congrats to all three of you. Now I need you to send me your mailing address (No P.O. boxes, please) so I can ship out the swag.

Again, thanx to all for participating.

P.S. We’ve more helmet contests coming, keep the cameras warm

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