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Answers to "Burning Question #1"

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My last blog asked the Burning Question #1:

“What are those things that you never leave behind when taking a motorcycle trip?”

I wasn’t referring to the obvious items but, rather, those things that you need to have in your presence to maintain a certain level of OCD control.

These are the three items that I listed as being essential, and never leave home without:

  • Nikon AW100 Camera
  • Leatherman Charge/Surge
  • Fisher “Trekker” Space Pen

Thanks to all of you that submitted your lists. The following is a consolidation of those lists with, of course, all the duplicates eliminated.

  • Otterbox for iPod
  • Cell Phone
  • St. Christopher’s medal
  • Road ID
  • Wet Wipes
  • Unrestricted showerhead
  • 6” Channel locks
  • Laptop computer
  • Garmin DVD
  • Smartphone
  • Reading glasses
  • Tire patch kit
  • Plug in air pump
  • Maps
  • Water
  • Power bar
  • Rain gear
  • Straps
  • Schematic
  • Tool kit
  • Fix-A-Flat
  • Cigars
  • Redman Leaf
  • Pendleton whiskey
  • Go-Pro camera
  • Cargo net
  • Rite-in-the-rain notepad
  • Pillow
  • Phone charger
  • Cash
  • Electronic key fob
  • 9mm handgun
  • Zip ties
  • Extra contact lens
  • Duct tape
  • Pain pills
  • Toilet paper

There were two long entries that I thought worth a replay. This first one came from long-time rider Sandi Long, out of Pocatello, Idaho.

When I was riding a shovel, I carried every size wretch, a ratchet set, and every small part I had to change on the bike, points, plugs, two cans of oil, a replacement chain, etc. But now that I'm riding a newer bike, I'm like you, can't go without my camera, a cell phone, warm clothes, since I leave in cold country, even in summer I have warm clothes and a rain suit with me, but my tool chest has reduced to fuses of every size I might need, one can of oil (can't break that habit), a few select wrenches and a small ratchet set. It's about 1/4 of what I used to carry, and I also go nowhere without jumper cables, used those lots to start other bikes, not mine, knock on wood. And of course most of the time I have my most important tool with me, my partner in crime, Will. He carries more tools than I do, so between the two of us we have almost everything. And I try to have my head in the ride, have thought where the hell are my brains, not an option to stop, so I try and shake that off.

…and then there was this one from short-time rider Susan Gore from Out-of-her-Mind, California.

Half my kit is accumulated unnecessary bits and pieces.... buckwheat pillow, phone, and charger, fresh oranges and hand juicer, dried fruit, camel back, coconut water in cans, trail mix, chocolate, extra oil, gas, and chain lube, hair sock and hair bands, wool head sock, heated hand warmer patches, at least 13 ear plugs cuz I drop them everywhere and magically turn icky black, princess cot for camping, a yoga mat sometimes, maps cuz they make more sense and draw strangers to talk with me and a GPS cuz I'm a pansy and I hope to learn to use, salad and dressing, extra wool shirt, heated vest and jacket if its anything more than a day trip, a Timex watch strapped to my brake fluid reservoir cuz I delight in swank accessories, Chapstick, Ibuprofen, Band-Aids, epi-pen, lip color for vanity, silk liners for my gloves, a contact case and rinse, eye drops, sunglasses, …avocado, sunflower seeds, dressing, blue ice packs…cheese grater…dress and sandals… and that's just for starters!

I feel so, so …inadequate, what with my meager three item list.


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